About Me

Hi There!

I’m Avinash, a young and ambitious guy in my early 30’s. I’m a Travel Enthusiast by Passion and Technopreneur by Profession. I belong to Jodhpur (Rajasthan) by birth and I am proud to be a Jodhpurite.

It’s me:
> So simple yet fashionable
> So pampered yet so disciplined
> So enlightening yet so cool
> So moving yet so still
> So friendly yet so reserved
> So shy yet so outgoing
> So crowded yet so single

And finally, it’s all me…

I did my education in BCA & MCA (from JNVU & RTU respectively). I was a goal oriented boy since my teenage. Usually in adolescence, lads spend most of their time in studies, gossiping on street corners and sometimes impressing girls. But, I being different of all was spending my most of time in building my future. My favorite pastime was building websites as this task was something of my interest and was a niche I wanted my career into.

During my schooling, I used to teach Mathematics and Accountancy as they were my best and scoring subjects. During College, I joined a logistics outsourcing company called BAKP. Although the work wasn’t of much interest but I believe that no matter what work you do; you’ll gain experience. Spending about 2 years in this company, I learned several business ethics and tacks. Meanwhile this job and my academics; I started my own firm Hi-TechWebMaster (in August 2010).

After finishing my PG, I did 3 more jobs in IT companies to gain experience and in Jan 2014 I decided to quit the job and run my own business. I am happy that I took the right decision at right time. Now, I have a successful online business and is budding every year. As of now, I have more than 300 clients from all across the globe. So far, I have designed 250+ websites and here is the link to my entire portfolio. Whatever I am today, the credit goes to my loving parents, friends and clients.

Although 90% of my current earning comes from my website business and rest is contributed by affiliate marketing and adsense. But, I dream to make this 10% of passive income to my 100% income in future. I am working hard to achieve this target. I also have plans to release a few ebooks I am working on.

I firmly believe that “sharing is caring”. I get motivated from others and I also motivate my pals. I have created this website to share my thoughts with the world. There are many things I am going to talk and write about. Let’s see how it going on as I rarely get time for blogging. I hope you will find my blog interesting.

Thanks for showing interest in my biography…

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I will love to hear from you.

Take Care!