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Silicon HouseBased in Chennai, Silicon House is one of the biggest reseller hosting companies in India. I have been associated with them since 2011. I bought my first reseller hosting for my business with them. At that time they were not so popular. I was quite happy with their services in the beginning. I also recommended them to my groups. But, after a couple of years, when their company started growing, they started to crowd their servers with hundreds of sites. This resulted in poor performance of the website and high latency (high lag time).

The company started spending a huge amount on marketing via Google advertisements, and they scaled tremendously fast. Now, they started increasing package pricing. When I bought reseller hosting in 2011, it was worth Rs.2999 per annum but soon after 2 years, they sent me an invoice of Rs.4999 per year. And when you argue with them over this sudden spike, they start creating issues in your websites.

They even blackmail you indirectly. They suspend your cPanel account saying ‘malware infection’ and ask you to terminate and recreate it every time. This is really annoying. Eventually, you have to do that as you don’t have any other option. For this nuisance, I bought another reseller hosting from Host Rivers Infotech (now known as WebGate). So, all the cPanels that were suspended by Silicon House, I migrate them to this new fast hosting (10 times faster than Silicon House).

Now, in 2017, they started marketing by making phone calls to existing resellers saying that they have launched new dedicated hosting which is dirt cheap and yet it was. But, they call you from different numbers so many times that you have to block them. Approximately, 3-4 times a month you will receive calls from them saying the same old thing “let us know if you have any dedicated hosting requirement”.

After bearing them for the past 9 years, I still have a reseller hosting with them as it is very hard to switch to a new hosting. In between these years, while bearing them, I tried to search for new hosting but almost everyone was having some issues. No single host is good, I concluded, after reading hundreds of reviews from dozens of websites. But, something has to be done, therefore, I purchased multiple shared hosting from Crazy Domains & Namecheap and manually migrated accounts. These shared hosting were not only cheap but they offered great support as well. Their servers were incredibly faster than Silicon House and feel tension-free and relaxed.


  • They are very strict about security and keeps monitoring all hosting accounts.
  • Their ticket support system is extremely fast and responsive.
  • Their pricing is cheap for startup companies who don’t have many requirements.


  • Servers are overcrowded resulting in slow site speed.
  • Despite 24×7 chat and phone support, everything is answered with just tickets.
  • Keeps increasing pricing as your business grows. They are blackmailers.


I will never recommend Silicon House to anybody. DO NOT fall in their marketing traps. DO NOT go with their cheap promo pricing.

Silicon House
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